The Design Portfolio of Spencer Collinson

Grizzly Menswear Logo

A few thoughts on what the logo should communicate about the brand:  

• Target audience: men in Tahoe, including the “Raley’s crowd”.
• Aesthetics: Mountain Modern.  
• Medium to high prices
• The word “Grizzly” maybe isn’t so much about a bear - it’s more about the essence of a “grizzly” mountain man.
• The branding of grizzly menswear should act as a backdrop for the other brands that are being sold in the store
• Logo will be used on items such as: Signs, Tags, Bags, Website, Social Media, etc.   

Color scheme :  

Darks: Grayish Teals
Lights: Greiges (Grayish Beiges)
Any other colors act as accents  

Date: Mar 2021