The Design Portfolio of Spencer Collinson

High Altitude Healing

Medical marijuana dispensary logo: The symbol depicts the tip of a marijuana leaf. The way that the leaf is juxtaposed also makes it look like a mountaintop or pyramid (in order to emphasize "high altitude"). The green color represents the herbal aspect of the business, and also growth. In some versions of the logo, blue represents clear skies behind and above the mountain. 

The typeface used is Futura, designed by Paul Renner in 1927 during the Bauhaus Movement. It is a typeface that compliments the dispensary's cleanliness, organization and professionalism.

The logo encased in the square border is an idea for how the logo might evolve as it becomes more recognizable. The goal is to slowly gain confidence in reducing and minimizing the logo until it is down to its barest parts. 

Date: June 2014 Client: High Altitude Healing URL: Tags: branding, identity, logo, spencer collinson, truckee, typography